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Garden Benches and tables

Want to build your garden a place of peace and rest? Enjoy the spring sunshine, but the hot summer sun on a beautiful garden bench, which will correspond to your garden. See our range of garden benches, pine, oak, larch. Recover your energy on a new wooden bench outside according to your taste. Ensure quality at very reasonable prices




03. 06. 2013



Zodiac we can deliver piecewise or in a whole. The inner shape has a diameter of 810 mm. The actual signs have a diameter of 260 mm. Signs may be made ​​of cast iron, aluminum or bronze. It depends on the customer.
23. 12. 2010

New web presentation

New web presentation

We have created for you a new Web presentation of our company. The presentation was created in cooperation with webdesign and marketing company eBRÁNA s.r.o.

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