Urban furniture

Give Your city a new face. You can choose from our portfolio of city street furniture. We are offering precise design of cast iron urban furniture. Thanks to the quality of material, which is used, the city mobiliar is resistant to vandals and even against merciless Time. Give Your city the best, urban furniture from cast iron, steel or wood. Citizens and visitors will appreciate it.

In Category Urban furniture there are these subcategories:


You may choose from portfolio of park benches. Material for bench is stated at every type. Wood for benches is normally spruce. For Your wish, we can also deliver tropical, acacia, larch etc. wood. Lavička REX 1Length of wooden boards is very different - 1800, 1600, 1500, 1000, 500, it is always according to the wish of customer. Painting  of woodf is also according to the wishes of customer.Standard paint for sidewalls of benches is powder colour. We can also sell You sidewalls of benches without wood, or wood separately. All benches can be anchored in the ground.


During production of railing, we combine cast iron with galvanized steel. Kované zábradlí

We are offering various metal railings and pollers for Your city or village. We are using powder colour, or polyurethan colour for rising the resistance and lifetime span. If You want to put railings into enviroment with high humidity or chemical influences, we are recommending choose railings from stainless steel.

Cast iron tree grates

Get yourself to the city cast iron tree grates, that can be with light or without lights, or with the emblem of cities and towns. We are also producing protection for the tree trunk, material is galvanized steel.Ozdobná litinová mříž ke stromům

Trash bins

We are producing trash bins from cast iron, steel, aluminium, or we combine these materials. Venkovní odpadkové koše

Bicycles stand

Make order and comfort for bicycles in Your city. We are offering bicycle stands from cast iron or from galvanized steel profiles. Powder paint is standard for these products. Stojan na kola s kruhy

Lamps and columns

We are producing columns from cast iron, aluminium. Lamps are from steel profiles, aluminium, cast iron. All products are painted by epoxid or polyurethane paint. Street lamps are ideal with their elegant look into historical quarters of the city.Lampa 4-boká


We are producing pollers from cast iron, aluminium, we are also offering chains from cast iron, galvanized steel. We are using powder or polyurethane paint. Sloupek F


We can deliver different types of hydrants from cast iron, or steel. Surface is protected with powder paint. We are also deliver ornamental brass taps. Prices of hydrants are stated without taps.

Litinová pítka


Cast iron fountains are delivered galvanized and with polyurethane paint. You can also buy different types of Kašnaornamental brass taps.


Flower pots are supplementary sortiment of urban furniture. You can decorate with them public places, squares. Dubový květináč

Emblems of towns and villages

We are also producing city emblems and metal plaques. Used materials are bronz, galvanized cast iron, our tn_obrazek_608.jpgspecialty are gilded letter with gold on castings.




03. 06. 2013



Zodiac we can deliver piecewise or in a whole. The inner shape has a diameter of 810 mm. The actual signs have a diameter of 260 mm. Signs may be made ​​of cast iron, aluminum or bronze. It depends on the customer.
23. 12. 2010

New web presentation

New web presentation

We have created for you a new Web presentation of our company. The presentation was created in cooperation with webdesign and marketing company eBRÁNA s.r.o.

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