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Zodiac we can deliver piecewise or in a whole.
The inner shape has a diameter of 810 mm. The actual signs have a diameter of 260 mm.
Signs may be made ​​of cast iron, aluminum or bronze.
It depends on the customer.

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REX company

was estabilished in 1991, in the period of economic transformation, whereas the professional activities of this team are far older. The company continues the long-time tradition of qualified Czech foundry manufacturing and export. Nowadays, REX is a stabilized manufacturer having numerous professional and business contacts, a company supplying many content customers throughout the whole Europe. As to the benches, REX company controls 85 % of Czech market. The professional friends abroad consider REX as a welcome partner rather than as a  competitor. They appreciate the flexible and helpful business strategy of REX extending the portfolio of products and enhancing competitiveness on global markets due to favourable price policy.

Thanks to professionalism

and steady development, REX is currently a fully stabilized company with numerous professional and business ties and a long-term supplier of many satisfied customers all over Europe. Outgoing and flexible business philosophy has attracted also the industry clientele, which now perceives REX not as a  competition, but as a much appreciated partner who extends the product portfolio and through favorable price policy increases its competitiveness on global markets.

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